Ready to Print on the 56 year old Wm C. Kimber designed press


“The Master M+S” (named for the 15th C. engraver Martin Schoengauer), a double geared intaglio press with a throw of bed of 23 x 42 inches.  Built on order for Stephen Hazel in London in 1964 and shipped to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Works printed on this press are to be found in collections of the Library of Congress, the Philadelphia Museum, the Detroit Art Institute, Wadsworth Atheneum and Seattle Art Museum to name a few. 

Cut gunmetal a`volant gearing, bronze bushings and nickel-steel wear faces are the modern concessions to be found in this apogee of press design by Wm. C. Kimber, press builders; reputed to be an exact duplicate of Whistler’s press made by these same machinists in the last century.  Among the over twenty times this press has been moved, it should be noted that it served in a producing studio installed during the “SEVEN FROM WASHINGTON” exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington in 1970, a watershed event in the growth of interest in prints in Seattle, and an exhibition that traveled for the Smithsonian Institute for several years. 

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